Windows play a big part in the safety and efficiency of your home. Gone are the days where there were only a few options to choose from, now there are many types of glass in many styles. Whether you are building a new house or simply replacing old and worn out windows, it's beneficial to know exactly what style will fit you best.  

If you have one or more of the following problems with your windows, consider replacements:

  • Your windows are single pane and let heat or cold air in or out
  • Windows that leak or have cracks that pests can squeeze through
  • Your windows are cracked or set in weakened frames, posing a safety issue

Find A Contractor and Discuss Options

Your first step to replacing old windows is to find a reliable contractor. Discuss frames first. Choose a window frame that will match the style of your home. If you have an older style home with lots of wood or brick incorporated into the building, consider wooden window frames.

Wood is also a great option because it doesn't transfer heat as easily as metal or vinyl. Metal frames are more expensive but will last you the life of the window if cared for properly. Vinyl is the cheap option, while still offering great insulating properties.

Compare the styles side by side and choose one that accentuates your home and hits your budget line. 

Choosing the Glass

There are a few distinct types of glass you can install. Each style will have an efficiency rating, this is an indication of how well the window will insulate your home. The U-Value of a pane of glass gives an indication of its heat loss. The lower the U-Value the better the heat retention.

If you live in an area of Canada with long winters and plenty of cold weather, choose windows with a low U-Value. There's also a UV film that can be installed over windows that will give them a tinted look but greatly increase the insulate properties.

Glass also comes with different breaking properties. Storm glass won't shatter when hit with an object, rather it cracks. 

Double or Single Pane? 

Double-paned windows will save you money on your energy bill. There isn't really a downside to them except that they cost more than single-pane windows. Again, if you live in a harsh area of the country, consider double-paned glass.

For more help, contact a company like Red Deer Home Repair Ltd. with any questions you have.