When you need to send something quickly, you can't waste valuable time for the next delivery man to come by in the morning to pick it up; you need to move it NOW! Fortunately, hot shot services are available for last minute shipping and urgent cargo delivery to locations all over the country.

What the services typically offer

From trucking to air charter services, hot shots typically guarantee that your time-sensitive deliveries will be executed to your satisfaction. Services typically offer several options, such as overnight delivery, next day delivery, and 1 to 2 day delivery, depending on the urgency of the delivery and affordable price options.

Who uses hot shot services?

This expedited shipping method is a popular option for several different industries:

  • Manufacturing facilities and construction companies utilize the hot shot delivery option to ship parts and crucial equipment needed to avoid downtime or achieve goal startup dates.
  • Medical facilities and offices use these services to replenish crucial prescriptions, send important medical equipment to get repaired, and order tools for serious procedures.
  • Industries dealing with animals, such as pet stores, shelters, and even zoos, use the hot shot services to quickly and safely transport animals. The speed of the transportation is much easier and less stressful for the animals to bear than a long truck ride across the country.
  • Banks and law firms use these services to gain access to sensitive documents quickly, so they are able to provide efficient service to their own customers.

How it works

It typically costs more money to ship and receive items through a hot shot service due to the limited supply of people willing to work through the night to move urgent material. To minimize costs as much as possible, most hot shot services are completed through certified and trusted independent contractors. Using these contractors makes it possible for the hot shot organizer to optimize the distance, route, and load capacity of each truck. The contractors will unload and re-load their trailers along the specified route, ideally keeping a full load as often as possible and driving as little as possible.

As the demand for hot shot services increase, companies are erecting storage warehouses all over the country to make it easier and quicker than ever to get the urgent shipments you need. Don't wait around for days to get your loan paperwork to buy a house—get it overnight with a hot shot service like OCEAN Hauling & Hotshot Ltd.