We've all seen the studies that say that looking at something specific when you are angry can calm you down or that envisioning different scenarios can calm your demeanor.  Do you believe that?  There are so many variables that can affect your mood during the course of a day--the weather, the commute, the way you woke up, whether or not you had a cup of coffee.  Could the color of your walls affect your mood as well?  Research shows that colors can alter your mood.  The phenomenon is called color psychology and it is very real.  Filmmakers and advertisers get it.  Have you ever noticed that when a commercial shows something bleak, the scenery is dreary?  You can use this same affect on your own life by changing the colors in your home. 

Here are some colors and their psychological attributes:

  • Red is the color of attraction but not only in a romantic sense. It is eye catching and stands out in the crowd.  The emotions you feel when seeing this color are undiluted.  Red can actually raise your blood pressure.  If you are going for raw emotion, red is the color for you.
  • Blue is calming.  It brings to mind images of the sky and of the ocean--of a slower pace.  Blue is the exact opposite of red and can even lower your blood pressure. 
  • Green, the color of vegetation and growth (life) is another of the calming colors, however not in the all-encompassing way that blue is.  Its association with nature makes you feel calm yet full of life and energy. 
  • Yellow makes you happy.  Yellow makes you think of sunshine and youth.  It is a fun color.  Seeing it evokes memories of happy times but, strangely, too much yellow has the opposite effect.  Use yellow in a muted form or as an accent.
  • Purple is sophisticated, especially if you use a deeper hue like eggplant.  It emotes quality and style.
  • Black seems sable.  An accent wall in black will make your décor stand out.  Too much black can make you feel melancholy,so be care with it, but done well, black can make a statement. 
  • White makes people think of cleanliness.  This could be a good or a bad thing.  Though it is a neutral color, it doesn't evoke neutral feelings.  White can make you feel like everything is so perfect that it shouldn't be touched, and therefore, make you uncomfortable, or it can make you feel secure and serene.

Do you want to even out your moods?  Consider these mood-evoking paints for your next home painting project. Contact a painting company, like Certa ProPainters, for more advice.