When you want to revamp any outdoor space to something that is both useful and modern, try working sand and gravel into your design. Aggregates are important to include in any landscaping design or outdoor project because of the abundant selection of colors and textures, as well as versatility and utility advantages they provide. So consider some modern applications of sand and gravel to update your outdoors and make it a place where everyone can hang out.

Re-Create The Beach

Using sand outside to recreate the atmosphere of the beach not only gives you the perfect environment to relax outside, but one that is low-maintenance. Sand can be tightly packed in larger areas and around stepping stones, rocks, or wooden walkways for a modern and low-maintenance style.

If you want a low-key vibe outdoors that's comfortable and just like your trip to Key West, create a cozy paradise in your backyard by adding a fire pit and loose sand. Sand provides the perfect area to have natural or gas fires outside, and it gives you a great place to host family and friends. Just add a table and chairs, a hammock, lounge chair, or two, and some tropical drinks for a beautiful beach retreat.

Add Designs

Adding designs with different types of sand or gravel is a great way to modernize patios, walkways, and even driveways. Creating swirls, abstract features, and mosaic designs in aggregates can be accomplished in any number of ways, just by using gravel or sand of varying textures and hues.

Using landscaping design software or working with a contractor can help you accomplish your goal with a specific effect too, as half the work is developing a beautiful feature for installation. But if you want to actually lay the pattern yourself, sand and gravel can let you do-it-yourself if you prefer to do the installation.

Create Your Zen

Using sand and gravel in Zen gardens offers you a profoundly serene place to retreat to at home. Though Zen gardens are traditional spiritual retreats in Japan, valued for their simplicity, character, and low-maintenance style, you can make a modern update to your home with the addition of one.

Zen gardens have a foundation of gravel or sand, loosely installed so that you can rake it into patterns. They can include any number of simplistic elements, like single trees, large rocks to extreme boulders, or small wooden bridges and fountains to complement the aggregate foundation.

Sand and gravel is often more affordable than permanent options, like concrete, pavers, or stone, and it gives you the chance to incorporate texture and color into your landscape for an interesting contrast and depth. If you want to make modern updates to any outdoor space at your home, the easiest way to do it is with aggregates.

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