Water gardens are popular landscape features. They make excellent focal points when stocked with flowering and foliage plants. Regardless of what you may believe, you can have a water garden that requires no cords or upkeep, except for an occasional cleaning. You can also keep them mosquito free by adding in a few little fish that eat mosquito larvae. Read on to learn how to start an easy water garden on your property.

Building Your Water Garden

The most important part of the water garden is finding a way to contain water. You can choose to use a rigid plastic form, but they can be difficult to install. The forms must be installed in a hole that has a level bottom and fits the hole like a glove. 

A better way to go is using flexible rubber liners. These are easier to handle and easily fit easily into almost any shape you want to dig. 

One thing to keep in mind when digging your hole is to make it at least 16 inches deep. At this depth the water at the bottom of the pond does not freeze in most climates, and it does not get too warm in summer. This means the fish and plants you have in the pond stand a good chance of surviving fluctuations in temperature.

Bringing in Your Fish

You need hardy gold fish to keep in a small water garden. Comets are small goldfish and a good choice for your pond. If you buy them in early summer and release them into settled water, these fish have a good survival rate. Generally, fish that survive their first week in the pond are likely to live for several more years as long as the bottom of the pond does not freeze in winter. 

You don't want to overstock your pond or overfeed your fish. Most small ponds can only hold a few small fish, and they need to be fed once a day. 

If you want a koi pond, keep in mind that these fish are active and need more room to, so only put koi in larger ponds. They should do well in a pond that is at least 2 1/2 feet deep.

Even a simple pond or pool can transform your garden and create a peaceful place to relax. The sound of the fish moving through the water and attractive plants may make your pond area a favorite place to sit and enjoy nature after a hard day at work. If have questions or need help building your pond or water garden, call a local landscaper such as Upper Canada Landscape & Renovations Inc for assistance.