There aren't many worse feelings for a homeowner than the one that you get upon walking down the stairs into your basement and discovering that it is flooded. While your first instinct might be to start screaming and throwing random objects, it's important to stay calm. You'll need to act quickly to try and limit the water damage to your home. Here are three tips to keep in mind during and after the flood.

Decide if You Need Professional Help

If your basement already has a good sub pump or drainage system installed, you could try to wait it out and let the water subside on its own. But if water is truly taking over your entire basement and not just one section, it's probably best to get professional help to get the water out as fast as possible, like Proserve Cleaning & Restoration Services Inc furnace cleaning fort mcmurray.

Play It Safe When Removing Your Belongings

Frantically running around your basement trying to save your belongings from water damage probably isn't a good idea. If there is something that simply can't be replaced, such as family photo albums, go ahead and give it a shot. But know that your homeowner's insurance will likely cover the replacement of most other goods. A stream of water can be quite powerful, and you don't want to risk slipping and falling and sustaining an injury. You don't have to save every last knick-knack in the basement. Let it go.

Keep an Eye Out for Problems After the Flood

Even after the water is mostly gone and your belongings are drying out, you'll want to keep a close eye on the situation. A damp basement will put your home at heavy risk of developing mildew or mold, which can have health consequences. If you notice a problem developing, get a contractor out to your home right away. You'll want someone to look at your house's foundation to ensure there is not any significant damage. Calling a flood damage restoration service might be a good idea if the damage was especially bad.

Walking into a flooded basement can make your heart sink fast. If you find yourself in this situation, you'll need to act quickly both during the flood and after it subsides. Don't try to be a hero, call professional help to get the water out of your basement as quickly as possible. If the water is getting high, it's probably not a good idea to head down there to try and remove your belongings. One bad step and you could be taking a nasty spill. Contact a professional contractor who specializes in flood restoration after the water is gone to help you assess the damage.