Wooden pallets are easily attainable, and the perfect recyclable material to create a myriad of inexpensive DIY projects.  The beauty of wood pallet projects is that they can be as simple or in depth as you choose.  Here we will discuss some good places to get palettes, as well just a few ideas to put them to new use around your home.

Where to Get Them: First of all, just ask. Some businesses will lose money if they don't return all of the pallets to their shipping company, others have an abundance of them, that they have to figure out how to get rid of. Small businesses that tend to deal in large or heavy products (think auto parts, or lawn and garden centers) often have pallets lying around, and don't necessarily have a system in place to remove them. 

Keep in mind that you should be aware of where your pallets come from. Look for an "HT" burnt or stamped into the wood somewhere; this lets you know the wood was heat treated. If you do not see this marking the wood was likely treated with chemicals and caution should be used when cutting the wood, and it should be carefully sealed if you plan on using it in the garden where you produce any food.

Rustic Shelving: One of the more simple ideas is shelving for either inside or out.  By placing the slatted side against the wall, the braces create an eye catching display place. The pallet can be either left whole or cut in half.  Another idea is to disassemble the palette and use the pieces to create shelving (or other furniture, for that matter) in a pattern of your own. Raw wood has its own appeal, but stain or paint can, of course, be applied to match your décor.

Outdoor Patio or Lounge Corner: If you have access to pallets made of oak or another strong wood, you can lay out a truly unique patio in your yard. Ensure the ground is level, and lay the pallets side by side until the space is as large as you wish. Depending on the permanence you intend for this area, you can remove any grass underneath and lay a bed of sand and gravel. 

By removing every other slat in a portion of the patio you can create a place for flowers or other plants that will add depth and interest to the space. An indoor outdoor rug will add warmth and comfort to the area, and provide a more stable space for chairs and a table.Consider using halved pallets to create a border around the space to visually separate it from the rest of the yard. Again, paint or stain can be applied to suit your taste. 

Fire Wood: As stated before, you need to be aware of where your pallets came from. If not chemically treated they can be used to heat your home in the wood burner, or for more obvious purposes such as a fireplace or camp fire.

These projects are just a sample of the endless possibilities offered by reclaimed wooden pallets, like those at Moen Lumber Sales.