After spending a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars on a brand-new flat screen TV, you definitely want it to last many years. According to RealSimple, the average lifespan of a flat screen TV is about 10 years. However, with the help of these tips, your flat screen TV may last far longer than just a decade.

Don't Touch The Screen

Most homeowners avoid touching the screen of their flat screen TVs because they don't want to leave fingerprints. However, there is another major reason why you should avoid touching the screen. Believe it or not, touching the screen of your TV excessively can cause pixel burnout. This is especially true if you use your fingers to apply a lot of pressure to the screen. Therefore, to avoid having to deal with annoying dead pixels on your screen, you should adopt a hands-off policy in your home when it comes to flat screen TVs. By not touching the screen, not only will you preserve the picture quality, but you will also keep the screen free from dust, dirt, and prints.

Turn Off the TV

If you want your flat screen TV to last you many years, it is vital that you turn off the TV whenever it's not in use. Many homeowners leave the TV on all day long as a sort of background noise. It is especially important that you turn off your flat screen TV if it happens to be a plasma TV. Unlike LCD TVs, plasma TVs tend to be very prone to burned-in images, especially the older plasma TV models. A burned-in image is when the screen has a picture that never seems to go away. This picture is usually quite fuzzy, hazy, and faded.

You may be able to pay a few hundred dollars to have the plasma TV recalibrated, but if the damage is bad, the picture likely will never go away completely. Therefore, it's best to give your flat screen TV a rest every few hours, even if you have one of the newer models, which are far less prone to burn-in issues.

There's likely nothing more disappointing for a homeowner than spending a fortune on a flat screen TV, only to have to replace it after a few years. Fortunately, you likely won't have to go through this disappointment as long as you avoid touching the screen as well as leaving the TV on all day long. If you are having trouble with your TV, talk to a professional like Electronic Analyst.