When first starting in construction, there may be times when you are required to work high off of the ground and not know the safest options available to you. Attempting to work in a high area without knowing how to do so properly could lead to a nasty fall, if you do not have the right equipment. Use the following guide to learn about the different types of equipment that are available to help lessen your chances of a fall, while you are working in high spaces.


Scaffolding is a frame that is usually made of metal. Metal rods are attached together with nuts and bolts to create portable levels of flooring. Pieces of wood or large metal sheets are placed on the frame once the frame is complete so that you have a solid surface to stand on while you work. The scaffolding can be put up and taken down quickly and easily so that you can use it on every job site.


A harness is a device that wraps around you and is secured to a surface, such as a railing or scaffolding. The harness ensures that you do not slam into the ground if you fall from a ledge or off of scaffolding. The harness is typically attached to a vest that you need to wear constantly when working in high spaces.


There are lightweight handles that suction to the wall to give you something to hold onto while working in high spaces. The handles do not cause damage to the walls and are easily removable when needed.


Stilts are devices that are attached to the bottom of your shoes. They adjust in height so that you can get a few extra feet of height to reach the high distances you need to reach. It is important to realize that walking on stilts can be very dangerous, if you have never done it before. It is important to stay near a wall when working with stilts and use the handles that were mentioned above to lower your risk of falling.

If you use these items the way that they are designed to be used, you will be able to avoid hurting yourself by having an accidental fall. These pieces of equipment are very affordable and available in different strengths to ensure that they are able to hold your weight. It is important to look at the labels on each piece of equipment to see its weight bearing load before using it to ensure it can hold your weight so you can be as safe as possible at all times. Be sure to contact professionals, such as Matrix Construction Ltd, with any further questions.