Installing a deck around your swimming pool can be a great way of providing your family with a comfortable place to spend the afternoon. However, there are many different options for decks, and the type of material you choose will have both a cosmetic and functional impact. For those wanting a low maintenance option, vinyl decking may be the best choice, but this type of deck will still require some maintenance done to it. After learning these two answers to common vinyl deck maintenance questions, you will be better prepared to keep it safe from routine problems. 

What Can Be Done When A Vinyl Deck Starts To Fade?

As the years pass, your deck will likely start to fade at some point. Unfortunately, this is a problem for any material because the powerful rays from the sun can have a bleaching effect. However, faded vinyl decking is a relatively easy problem to repair.

To restore the appearance of your deck, you will need to refinish it, and this is a relatively simple task when it comes to vinyl. You will need to purchase a specially formulated finishing agent that is compatible with vinyl. By applying a thin coating of this substance, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your deck in a matter of hours. 

How Should You Clean Vinyl Decking?

Cleaning your deck is a task that you should perform on at least a monthly basis. As time passes, dirt and other particles will start to accumulate on the deck, and while this may not seem like a major issue, it can eventually lead to a permanent discoloration of the vinyl. Fortunately, cleaning this type of deck is a simple process. 

You can use dish soap and a soft-bristled mop to clean the deck. While you may be tempted to sweep the deck before mopping it, it is better to spray it down with a hose. The bristles on the broom can scratch the surface of the deck. As a result, your mop will likely suffer extensive wear from this task, and you may want to consider having a mop that is specially designated for this chore. 

A vinyl deck be can be an excellent upgrade to your yard, and by understanding the steps that can be taken to restore a faded deck and the need to keep the deck clean, you can ensure that you get the most from this investment in your yard. If you need help maintaining or repairing your vinyl decking, contact a business like Victoria Deck Railcraft.