You may think you know everything there is to know about recycling. But there are many things that you can do to help the earth that you might not have thought about. The following guide will show you a few ways to do more with your company's recycling efforts.

1. Reduce Packaged Items

Take a good inventory of the things your company uses. Are there paper cups or spoons in your breakroom? Do your employees drink their beverages from disposable bottles or cans? Consider asking your employees to use reusable bottles instead of disposable bottles that they have to throw away. 

You should consider the following tips, too:

  • Ask your employees to start bringing portable coffee mugs to reduce the amount of coffee cups in the trash. 
  • Think about placing a microwave or a small cooking area to encourage your employees to stop bringing takeout that usually comes with paper cups, wraps, and bags.

2. Try Fixing It Before You Toss It Away

You may want to throw out your office gadgets when they start acting up, but you might want to consider not replacing the things you already have. For example, call a copier specialist to fix your copier before replacing it. If you are replacing an appliance anyway for an upgrade, consider donating those machines to libraries or non-profit organizations. All you need is to destroy the hard drive or use disc-cleaning software to make sure your company's sensitive information is deleted. has a great list of reputable disc-cleaning devices. 

3. Think Outside Of Your Office

Talk to your local schools or artists to see if they need supplies. Many art projects can use things like your old paperwork or toilet roll holders. Ask the artist or teacher to come see your company's "trash" inventory to see what he or she can reuse. 

You should also consider talking to local gardeners or your local farm. These locations can use any compostable trash that you might be throwing away. These compostable things could be old coffee grounds, discarded fruit, or vegetables. Compostable trash can be used to fertilize and feed plant-life. 

4. Join The Group

Recycling is just one part of going green; the other part has to do with you reusing what was recycled. Reconsider the things your office needs to buy, like toilet paper, printer paper, or even office chairs. You can purchase these items and more from a company that uses recycled materials. 

As you can see, there are several ways that you can optimize your office with recycling in mind. You can also ask a garbage removal specialist, like Oscar Disposal Ltd Waste, about any other things you can think of to further your contribution to the environment.