What is the difference between the average roofing material and a premium material? For one, cost. The most common roofing material, asphalt shingles, will cost around $5,000 to cover a 1,256-square-foot roof. In contrast, slate will cost $18,000 and copper $30,000 to cover the same area. On the other hand, the high cost of premium roofing buys you some pretty impressive features. 

Weather Resistance

Some roofing materials are easily damaged by hail, high winds, frost wedging, UV rays, and ice dams. On the other hand, slate is a very heavy material, and this weight will help it to resist high winds. Slate is also inflammable and UV resistant, and thick slate tile should stand up well to hail damage. On the other hand, slate is still susceptible to ice dams in that water that pools up behind an ice dam can leak around slate shingles. Copper roofing panels, in contrast, will not allow water to leak through. They are also wind-resistant, inflammable and impervious to frost wedging. A thick gauge of copper should hold up well to hail damage. Thus, copper wins the battle for weather resiliency by a small margin.


The longer your roof lasts, the less you have to worry about replacement costs. Slate shingles can last between 50-200 years depending on the grade of slate that you buy. Copper, on the other hand, will last indefinitely. Consider that the Old Church In Philadelphia, built in 1742, still has its original roof. Thus, by using a copper roof on your home, you can eliminate your replacement costs. The key to the enduring quality of a copper roof is its grey-green, corrosion-repelling patina. Your roof might go on shiny like a new penny, but color will fade as the patina forms, and as long as the patina remains intact, your roof is virtually impervious to corrosion.


While slate roofing is a natural material, weather-worn slate is not good for much once it is removed from your roof. On the other hand, if the home below a copper roof collapses, you can still recycle the copper roof. Thus, copper roofing is an environmentally friendly choice. 

Perdurable Value

As premium roofing materials, either copper or slate will add to the value of your home. On the other hand, a slate roof in a ruinous state is a liability. Thus, in that copper can last for centuries, it gives you the most long-lasting value for your money.

Copper comes with a hefty price tag, but good things come to those who are willing to pay. If you are looking for a roof that will add value to your home, help it to stand out from the crowd, and help your reduce maintenance and replacement costs, copper is the choice for you. 

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