Selecting the right roof for your home or business can be a daunting task. There are quite a few options out there and it can be difficult to tell which is best for your purposes. To make your life a bit easier, here are some of the most common types of roofing and their benefits:

Metal - Metal roofs don't have that rustic aesthetic that slate or asphalt bring to the table, but they are cheap, lightweight, and easy to maintain, while still being quite durable and strong. With a metal roof, you don't have to worry about your ceiling collapsing or shingles sliding off. However, you also need to make sure that you have extremely good insulation beneath a metal roof. Since metal is a good conductor, it will get incredibly hot during summer and very cold during winter. If you do maintain the temperature in your house during these conditions, you need excellent insulation beneath the metal to prevent that temperature from seeping into your building.

Slate Tiles -  One of the higher end roofing types is slate, which can also be more expensive than other choices. Slate has a very sophisticated look and will last a lot longer than other options. A properly installed slate roof might even last longer than you will be living in the house, which can ultimately increase the resale value of the building substantially. On the other hand, it is also much more complicated and difficult to install. You will need to hire a professional crew to do the job and it might take weeks to finish even then.

Asphalt Shingles - If you want an extremely cheap roof that still looks nice, then asphalt shingles are a good choice. They come in a variety of colors to suit your tastes and can even be installed by a single motivated homeowner if they are sufficiently experienced with DIY projects. However, asphalt shingles can sometimes slide off your roof, which can be a safety hazard. If you have small children running around, then you should take that into consideration. Thankfully, asphalt isn't all that heavy, so one shingle falling off might not do that much damage. Asphalt shingles also need pretty high maintenance and don't last as long as other materials. You might end up replacing an asphalt shingle roof several times over before you need to replace a metal or slate roof once.